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CL-Technology and Ebara-Udylite can look back on several years of successful cooperation in the complete spectrum of electroplating. The products and services complete each other and lead to a synergetic effect which is of advantage for both customers of CL-Technology and Ebara-Udylite. Ebara-Udylite distributes CL-Technology products in Japan. CL-Technology is the general distributor for Ebara-Udylite in Germany.


The company Ebara-Udylite Co., Ltd.
was established in Tokyo on April 1st., 1968. The company employs 300 employees worldwide who are active in the production and sales of chemicals and plating equipment for the surface finishing.

The Ebara-Udylite products
for the German market are:
- decorative systems and
- functional applications.

Amongst Ebara-Udylite customers
are large japanese car manufacturers, world leading companies in the electronic area and sanitary fitting manufacturers.

It is our pleasure to inform you in detail about Ebara-Udylite products. Please simply send us the below form.

Please send us information details regarding the decorative products of Ebara-Udylite.
Please send us information details regarding the functional products of Ebara-Udylite.

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