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The functional electroplating technique offers numerous possibilities to achieve for example optimum corrosion- and abrasion resistance as well as an absolute uniform surface. Part of the functional processes are zinc plating, copper/nickel/chrome as a layer system, electroless nickel plating, hard chrome plating, anodizing etc.

CL stands for high reliability and security to ensure excellent results with functional electroplating in technical- as well as economical form.

CL-Technology has a profound production know-how and can fulfill the specific demands in various industrial branches.

Functional processes (Electrolytes) in detail:

It is our pleasure to inform you in detail about our decorative processes. Please contact us by phone (+49 (0) 212 658896-60) or by e-mail.

Copper electrolytes for graphic applications
Weak acid, high bright zinc electrolytes
Cyanide zinc electrolytes
Cyanide free, alkaline zinc electrolytes
Zinc sulfate electrolytes
Electroless nickel processes
Nickel electrolytes for stainless steel nickel plating
Semi-bright nickel
High sulphur nickel electrolytes
Micro porous nickel
Hard chrome electrolytes
Wetting agents for chrome electrolytes
Bright Silver
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    Total protection against fingerprints & anti-tarnish for different metals
The CL Silver Electrolytes are distinguished by their high purity and ductility. The white silver colour of the deposits is especially resistant against tarnishing. [more]
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CL Hard chrome HNF

Fluoride free hard chrome process with an extremely high efficiency ...more

CL-Bright Zinc AZ
alkaline, cyanide free, one brightener, wide temperature range [more]
matt up to silky matt tin coatings, one additive, foam free [more]