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  • entire processes for P.o.P
  • improves operation performance

It is our pleasure to inform you in detail about Ebara-Udylite Plating-on-Plastics solutions. Please select your fields of interest. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Pre treatment
Ionic- and Colloidal Palladium Systems
Alkaline Electroless Nickel
leadfree, uniform deposit, very stable
Acid Copper
two additives, allows high current density operation
Semi-bright Nickel
excellent leveling and ductility
High Sulfur Nickel
improves significantly the corrosion resistance
Bright Nickel
specially designed for microporous systems
Microporous Nickel
for outstanding corrosion resistance, simple operation
Sn-Ni Alloy, Sn-Co Alloy
four finishes available, used as topcoat
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