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  • Metal strippers
    Die besonderen Vorteile unserer chemischen und elektrolytischen Entmetallisierungen liegen in der einfachen Analytik, den langen Standzeiten und dem einfachen Handling.
Satin Nickel plating without filtration [more]
CL-Cotin: decorative impression similar to a bright chrome layer [more]
CL-Alutech NC is a sophisticated pre-treatment process which takes place prior to direct plating of aluminium... [more]
The CL Silver Electrolytes are distinguished by their high purity and ductility. The white silver colour of the deposits is especially resistant against tarnishing. [more]
CL-Technology Products Brochure [more]
The Tin Nickel Process for high decorative surfaces & highest corrosion resistance [more]

CL Hard chrome HNF

Fluoride free hard chrome process with an extremely high efficiency ...more

CL-Bright Zinc AZ
alkaline, cyanide free, one brightener, wide temperature range [more]
matt up to silky matt tin coatings, one additive, foam free [more]